if something happens.


on the understanding that. as provision for.

in that case.

in the event of.

goodbye. Princeton&39;s WordNet Rate this synonym 0. in order to avoid.

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. 0 0 votes in case, just in case adverb. 2.

just for the hell of it. Just Making Sure.

The preferred synonym to just to clarify is just to make sure were on the same page.


Drop the checking in wind-up and ask for an update politely and directly. in the case that.

safety , case. conj.

under those circumstances.
Its a great way to include a more diverse vocabulary in your writing and is a better alternative to in this case.
in so doing.

speaking of.

speaking of.

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just in case phrase. if it is true that. adjectives. Parts of speech. apropos. .


in case of emergency. Id love to hear how things are going with the Great Big Infographic design brief.

Parts of speech.

If the Lessee fails to undertake reparations.

in case of emergency.

weigh up.