Transfer your number from another telco MY PLAN. .



30 min for 5. Can I activate Roaming for my Child Account (Family Plan) What is a Preferred Network (Roaming) How to connect to data roaming and. Choose your plan and order a SIM card with Circles.

Life app > Roaming to enable roaming for Talk, Text, and Data.

Stay connected around the. Plus, activate only sms and talktime roaming or have data roaming switched on. Roaming is only available.

Circles Life (Postpaid) Circles Life offers customers pay as you roam packages priced at either 10, 20 or 30 per 100MB. com.


Get your Circles.

Once you have received your Circles. All thats left to do is to activate your eSIM.

Life app. Life Jetpac product.

Life users use the Circles.

Leave the username and password field empty. . Download and open the Circles.

Call Barring Type. Travel and pay only for what you use no matter where you are in the world. If you have returned from your trip overseas, please make sure that you turn your phone on and off to ensure that you connect back to Circles. Try inserting your Circles. Code 35.

Roaming is available for all new plans purchased AFTER 7 October 2021.

Once you purchase Jetpac, your subscription is immediately active. .

How do I turn on international data roaming with Circles.


Download the app.

30 min for 5.

Turn on roaming in Circles.